Delivery Status Touch Updated with Revamped Background Notifications, Various Bug Fixes [iOS Blog]

Junecloud has updated its popular delivery notification app Delivery Status touch to version 5.1, bringing a revamped notification system, a large number of fixes, support for new features, and more.

The app now includes a revamped background notification system that informs users of packages in transit more frequently and makes non-essential updates less frequent, with badges now representing all notifications. Support for Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts, manual sorting, and swipe to delete while searching is also included, along with various bug fixes that address issues with iOS 7.1, AirDrop, and iCloud.


– Improved background notifications—updates are more frequent when they’re needed, less frequent when they’re not. We’ve also gotten rid of some unnecessary notifications, and fixed some problems where notifications weren’t appearing when they should.
– Badges are now shown for background notifications. If you don’t want them, just open the Settings app, tap Notification Center, find Deliveries in the list, and update your settings there.
– “Delivered” notifications now start with a checkmark to make them immediately clear.
– Manual sorting is back.
– The “…” menu now includes an option to Archive—or Delete for already archived items.
– You can now type a space in the search field to show everything.

– You can now swipe to delete an archived delivery while searching.

– Keyboard shortcuts for Bluetooth keyboards in iOS 7. ⌘N: add a new delivery. ⌘F: search. ⎋: close the current view or cancel search.

– iCloud improvements.
– Fixed various display quirks on iOS 7.1.

Originally launched in 2008, Delivery Status touch saw its last major update this past October which added a redesigned interface for iOS 7 and new features such as background notifications for tracking info, iCloud sync, and barcode scanning.

Delivery Status touch is a $4.99 app for iOS devices and can be downloaded through the App Store. [Direct Link]

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