Apple Launches ‘Better’ Environmental Campaign, Shares Glimpse of New Nevada Data Center

In advance of Earth Day, Apple revamped its Environmental Responsibility website with new content that reconfirms the company’s dedication to operate its business in a way that is best for the environment. The updated website features a new “Better” video narrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook that explains the company’s environmentally friendly values.

Keeping with this Earth Day theme, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environmental initiatives, also recently gave Wired an exclusive tour of Apple’s newest data center in Yerington, Nevada. Apple is close to powering all its facilities entirely with renewable energy, with its corporate office and data centers now at 94 percent and climbing.


Apple’s data center in Sparks, NV. Photo: David Calvert/WIRED

Though Jackson can’t take credit for Apple’s renewable initiative, she monitors its progress and, perhaps even more important, spreads the word that renewables aren’t just for tree-huggers, but are serious energy sources that can take on the biggest jobs. “No one can ever claim again you can’t have a data center that runs on 100 percent renewable,” says. “Once those proof points are out there, it makes it easier for policies to follow.”

Though the company uses wind and hydroelectric power in its other facilities, Apple is relying on solar power in it Nevada facility. This design mirrors its Maiden, NC data center, which uses two 100-acre solar fields to produce a total of 50 megawatts. Apple is now building out these solar arrays in Nevada on a 134-acre field, which will generate approximately 20 megawatts of power when it is completed in 2015. The remaining power for the plant will be supplied by geothermal energy.

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