Logitech Adds Multi-Angle Viewing to Ultrathin Keyboard, Launches New iPad Cases [iOS Blog]

Logitech today announced a new version of its Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover for the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display, offering a new design that includes a flexible multi-angle slot that allows the iPad to be adjusted to different viewing angles.

The Logitech Ultrathin improves the flexibility and design of its predecessor with an even thinner and lighter keyboard cover and new flexible multi-angle slot that allows you to magnetically clip your iPad into the perfect viewing angle.

Like previous versions of the keyboard, the new Logitech Ultrathin is just a fraction of the weight of the iPad, measuring in at 6.4mm thick. It is designed from aluminum to match Apple’s iPads and the keyboard includes iOS shortcuts and keys spaced for optimal typing.

Alongside the updated version of the Ultrathin keyboard, Logitech has also announced several new protective cases for Apple’s iPads, including the Hinge, the Big Bang, and the Turnaround.

newlogitechcasesLogitech Big Bang, Turnaround, and Hinge
The Logitech Hinge is an ultra flexible case designed to offer a wide array of viewing angles, while the Big Bang is an ultra-protective, rugged case designed to protect the iPad from drops, spills, and scratches. The Turnaround, like the Hinge, is a multi-angle stand that also allows the iPad to be rotated from portrait to landscape mode and folds up into a stylish clutch.

All of Logitech’s new products can be preordered from the Logitech website, at the following price points:

Ultrathin for iPad Air – $99.99
Ultrathin for iPad mini/Retina mini – $89.99

Big Bang for iPad Air – $99.99
Big Bang for iPad mini/Retina mini – $79.99

Hinge for iPad Air – $59.99
Hinge for iPad mini/Retina mini – $49.99

Turnaround for iPad Air – $59.99
Turnaround for iPad mini/Retina mini – $49.99

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